Other Short Courses and Seminars

Seminars (less than 2 hours)

  • PSK is really QAM – So What is PSK?
  • OFDM – What this signal really is and why it makes no economic sense
  • Modern Cellular Wireless Signals
  • Wireless Figures of Merit and Wireless Standards
  • Envelope Tracking and Polar Modulation: Similar Schematics with Extremely Different Operation
  • Embrace Circuit Nonlinearity to get Transmitter ‘Linearity’ and Energy Efficiency
  • Digital Signals: Shannon, Ohm, and PA Costs
  • Digital Signals: How We Got Here, And Where We Could Get To
  • Begin at the Beginning for Transmitter Design
  • Polar Modulation and Power Amplifiers
  • Process- and technology-independent power switching transistor figures of merit
  • Transmit Architectures and PA Requirements

Short courses