Phase-Locked Loop and Frequency Synthesis Design

Phase-Locked Loop and Frequency Synthesis Design
Course 236

Summary: This two-day course provides the practical knowledge necessary to design frequency synthesis circuits and systems using phase-locked loops and related technologies. Coverage includes each of the basic building blocks that are used in phase locked oscillators and frequency synthesizers. Understanding how each block operates will give you an appreciation for its impact on the overall performance of the oscillator with respect to phase noise and tuning range/lock time, among other factors. Learning Objectives: Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the theory of operation for PLL, DAS, and DDS frequency synthesis techniques.
  • Develop and explain principles and uses of PLL components including mixers, phase detectors, oscillators, and dividers.
  • Examine limitations of real world components, design tradeoffs and their effect on PLL performance.
  • Develop and analyze more advanced frequency synthesis systems designs.
  • Test PLL circuits and systems to verify design integrity.

Target Audience: Engineers designing, specifying, or new to PLL frequency synthesis circuits and systems will benefit from this course. Prerequisites include basic digital circuit design, analog design skills including transfer functions, and basic control loops.