Practical Digital Wireless Signals

ISBN 978-0-521-51630-3
The Cambridge RF and Microwave Engineering Series, Dr. Steven C. Cripps, Series Editor

This book augments existing modulation texts by providing a physically oriented introduction to digital wireless signals.

Key features include:

  • 6 modulation families and 12 modulation types are covered in depth
  • A quantitative ranking of relative implementation cost for these 12 modulation types
  • Extensive discussions on the Shannon Limit, Nyquist Filtering, measures of efficiency, plus signal-to-noise ratios and their relationships
  • Radiowave propagation and antennas, multiple access techniques, and signal coding principles
  • Spread spectrum communication


“More experienced readers, especially those who return to the book later on, will find details in the unique explanations that offer greater insight into principles they thought they already knew.”

– Gary Breed, High-Frequency Electronics

“…a perfect balance of theory, practice, and depth…a fun tour of signals, noise, circuit techniques, wireless
propagation limitations, the math of error correction codes, and the limits of information transfer.”

– Alfy Riddle, IEEE Microwave Magazine, December 2011