Earl McCune
Consultant | Entrepreneur | Author | Instructor


Having more than 45 years of experience in RF/wireless design and technology development, I have seen a lot of what does work – and what does not. More importantly, I understand how cost relates with communications performance.

With the experience of co-founding two start-up companies – both of which succeeded to liquidity events – my ability to contribute extends well beyond technical issues, including: intellectual property portfolio development, product business startup strategies and all aspects of project, technology development, operations, and company leadership.

My independent RF laboratory is extensive and is regularly updated. Phase noise, jitter, and frequency synthesizer dynamics measurement are a particular specialty.

In my efforts now to “give back” to the industry I have enjoyed working with for so long, I have written two reference books with Cambridge University Press, one on digital modulation (using physics, and not math, as the window onto this material), and the second on dynamic power supply transmitters (envelope tracking, direct polar, and hybrid combinations). I also teach short courses on several topics.

– Earl McCune



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