Since 1984 I have published many times, from articles and conference papers to chapters in 6 books.

I have also solely authored two reference books published by Cambridge University Press:

The first book, Practical Digital Wireless Signals, augments existing modulation texts by providing a physically oriented introduction to digital wireless signals, followed by mathematical descriptions as illustrations. Unlike traditional textbooks, mathematics is not the window through which modulation topics are presented. This book is targeted at advanced undergraduates, graduate students, plus practicing engineers new to digital wireless communication.

The second book, Dynamic Power Supply Transmitters, provides the first complete description of how the techniques of envelope tracking (ET) and direct polar (DP) modulation actually work at the transistor level. These two techniques are actually endpoints of a continuum of hybrid combination possibilities between them. It is important to realize that the transistor operation for ET and DP is largely opposite in characteristics. These are not the same thing, even though the block diagram is the same.